Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

Find out more »HD-quality video and imagery makes identifying blade defects much easier and safer using our high-altitude UAVs instead of on-site personnel. We can deploy in minutes, with no need to take the asset offline - saving you money and downtime.

High KV Power Line Inspections

Find out more »Quickly and safely identify cable defects or structural anomalies without having to take lines offline saving time and expense while ensuring the safety of your crew. We supply HD imagery of critical components within minutes.

High-Level Structural Surveys

Find out more »Our UAVs can operate at up to 120m altitude, providing high-definition video and photography of structures that are only otherwise accessible via time-consuming and dangerous climbs.

Aerial Topographical Surveys

Find out more »By utilising both fixed wing and rotary UAV platforms, we provide high-definition video and geo-referenced photography for the purposes of land surveying and mapping.

Urban Planning Surveys

Find out more »Our remotely operated UAVs can quickly visualise terrain and urban features from a unique vantage point giving you real-time feedback on the status of building or highway maintenance projects.

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  • AtmosCam - A brand new Aerial Surveying Services Company
    We provide cost-effective aerial surveys, videography and photography services from North Lincolnshire in the UK.
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Welcome to AtmosCam

UAV Raptor

We specialise in aerial inspection and surveying using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and high definition cameras, working with companies both onshore and offshore throughout the UK.

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UAV Inspection Services

High KV Electricity Cables

Our airborne vehicles can perform close visual inspection of a high KV power lines, transmission towers or produce topographical surveys from the air - all at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned means.

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